This is just some of what you get when you come stay with us:

* Free fully equipped kitchen
* Free washing machines and dryers
* Free waffles on Monday and Thursday nights (a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED Norwegian specialty!)
* A beautiful garden free for you to enjoy
* Free coffee and tea in the evening
* Free wi-fi access
* Limited free parking
* Breakfast for NOK 30

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For the day of filming, we has asked the actors to study— but not memorize— the
dialogue in the scripts. The student and faculty “crew” asked the students to improvise
dialogue for each scene sketched out in the storyboard, paying careful attention to any
“rich bits” of dialogue from the scripts and using only those words verbatim from pay someone to write my essay. We had not
expected such good acting from the students. Their success probably came from their
experience as writers and tutors. By the day of filming, everyone in the training class had
worked as an apprentice tutor for nearly a semester. This on-the-job experience let the
tutors simulate the give-and-take of a difficult tutorial very effectively.